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? MojiaVehicleKeys



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  • The vehicle key will now act as an item
  • Additional vehicle keys can be purchased at an adjustable price to give to friends (default 10% of vehicle value)
  • When you sell your vehicle to someone else, all the keys to the vehicle that were not created by the new owner will be deleted



  • Edit qb-vehicleshop\client.lua:
RegisterNetEvent('qb-vehicleshop:client:buyShowroomVehicle', function(vehicle, plate)
QBCore.Functions.SpawnVehicle(vehicle, function(veh)
TaskWarpPedIntoVehicle(PlayerPedId(), veh, -1)
exports['LegacyFuel']:SetFuel(veh, 100)
SetVehicleNumberPlateText(veh, plate)
SetEntityHeading(veh, Config.Shops[getShopInsideOf()]["VehicleSpawn"].w)
SetEntityAsMissionEntity(veh, true, true)
TriggerEvent("vehiclekeys:client:SetOwner", QBCore.Functions.GetPlate(veh))
TriggerServerEvent('MojiaVehicleKeys:server:AddVehicleKey', QBCore.Functions.GetPlate(veh), vehicle)
TriggerServerEvent("qb-vehicletuning:server:SaveVehicleProps", QBCore.Functions.GetVehicleProperties(veh))
end, Config.Shops[getShopInsideOf()]["VehicleSpawn"], true)


Add item info to qb-inventory\html\js\app.js

} else if (itemData.name == "vehiclekey") {
'<p>' + itemData.info.vehname + '</p>'
'<p>Owner : ' + itemData.info.owner +
'</p><p>Plate: ' + itemData.info.plate +
Add img to qb-inventory\html\images with name carkeys.png:

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Add to qb-core\shared\items.lua:

['vehiclekey'] = {
['name'] = 'vehiclekey',
['label'] = 'Vehicle Key',
['weight'] = 0,
['type'] = 'item',
['image'] = 'carkeys.png',
['unique'] = true,
['useable'] = false,
['shouldClose'] = false,
['combinable'] = nil,
['description'] = 'This is a car key, take good care of it, if you lose it you probably won\'t be able to use your car'


  • Change qb-hud\client.lua
RegisterCommand('+engine', function()
do the same thing with Lock/Unlock event



  • Check vehicles key:
if exports['MojiaVehicleKeys']:CheckHasKey(plate) then
  • Lock/Unlock Vehicles:
  • On/Off Engine:
  • Add new key:
TriggerServerEvent('MojiaVehicleKeys:server:AddVehicleKey', plate, model)
  • Change owner:
TriggerClientEvent('MojiaVehicleKeys:client:AddVehicleKey',target, plate, model)

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